Welcome, I work as a Medium bringing your loved ones through from Spirit with messages of love, hope, inspiration and healing.

This is my primary focus although I still love talking to animals to help people better understand their pets and doing house and people clearings. I also love doing live demonstrations with audiences across Australia. Many people get healings from these sessions, even when I don’t come to them as there is always a message for everyone.

I love teaching and mentoring too as this helps aspiring mediums, psychics and animal communicators to open, explore and harness their gifts to the world. I hope you enjoy this site as I have put a lot of love into my work and journey as a Medium and Animal Communicator.

I offer psychic readings too but it is done through connecting with spirit as they know so much more than us on the physical plane as they watch over us, guiding us where they can and love to see us happy and at peace even when we go through hard or tough times.

Nicky also runs three courses: a 10 week Psychic Development Course, a 12 week Spiritual Development Course and a 1 day Animal Communication Workshop.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Much love Nicky x


In a mediumship reading Nicky will connect into your energy which allows her to then connect with loved ones who have passed over into the Spirit Plane. She will bring through messages and information specific to you with clarity, wisdom and always with the energy of love. Nicky handles all information with delicacy and respect as she understands that a reading can sometimes be an emotional experience, but also a positive experience that brings peace and happiness to the heart of her clients. So don’t wait, book in a reading, make your soul smile!

Reiki/Energy Healing

A session of Reiki/Energy Healing will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and with a lightness in your step. Nicky and her Spirit Guides will work together to cleanse your, or your pets, energy field in a safe and non-evasive manner. Nicky uses Reiki Symbols to heal and protect the person or animals energy and soul. The sessions improve energy flow, give relaxation, can reduce pain, assist in healing, help release negative emotions and boost positive energy. Reiki/Energy Healing is pure soul food! You will come away feeling grounded, centred and with a feeling of calmness.

Animal Communication

Have you ever looked at your pet and wondered what they would tell you if they could speak? Nicky talks directly to your pet, bringing in her Spirit Guides where needed and she passes on all the information onto you. A fun and informative way to connect to your pet and strengthen bonds. You would be surprised at what your pets have to say to you!